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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Chuck E Cheeses is a family entertainment company based out of Irving, Texas. Chuck E Cheeses offers pizzas in a thematic setup with rides, animatronics, and costume shows for children. The business is popular among its consumers because of the entertainment-filled dining experience and . Chuck E Cheese does not charge for rescheduled events. 7. You can get free tokens when you bring in your kid's report card. The Tokens For Grades Program will reward you with up to 10 bonus tokens when you purchase one food item. 8. Look for Chuck E Cheese printable coupons from . Chuck E, the adorable little mouse, is a nice guy and doesn't want you to overpay, so he decided to make Chuck E. Cheese's a pay-per-play spot where admission is always free. Find the Fun Use Chuck E Cheese's location finder to see where your crazy-fun adventure is going to take place/5(6).